Welcome to Beauty of Exercise

We're all about inspiring, nurturing and supporting our wonderful community who want to get fit, achieve a goal, fulfil a dream and importantly feel good about themselves.

Our Winter term kicks off on Mon 21 July with great programs to inspire you during the cooler months, so that you can get strong, fit and healthy. Below are a few of our winter programs:

- Get-Fit for Running NEW! 
- Beginners-5km (back in Spring)
- Strength-Fit
- Run-Fit
- Core-Fit

Plus - we've got great programs to train you for a particular event: 

Pub2Pub 13km  
Blackmores Bridge Run 9km NEW!
- Blackmores Half Marathon 21km NEW!

Every journey begins with a single step. Surround yourself with those who have similar dreams, desires and ambitions; they'll help you push for and realise your own.   

'Harambee' - we all pull together!